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Substitution Policy

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Our Substitution Policy

The Flower Shop - Our Substitution Policy

For your shopping convenience, we offer a wide variety of popular items that can be viewed for ordering. Each of these wonderful gifts is individually designed by professional florists in our delivery network, with the freshest flowers that are available. We also offer all of our products in a variety of sizes, and prices, to meet the needs of our discriminating customer base. While the items shown are representative of the overall styles, color schemes and values available, there may be minor variations in specific flowers and containers, due to design interpretation, availability, or a failure to meet our high standards of quality for our customers.

Substitutions may be necessary, in some cases, to ensure that your gift is delivered on time, especially with same-day delivery. Rest assured there will be no substitution in the type of arrangement; no changes will be made regarding size, shape, or style. We will give your order the utmost care and attention, so that it is as similar as possible in detail and quality.

When it comes to flower arrangements, the colors represented in the picture will be maintained as close to the original as possible, given the availability of quality materials. Any flowers substituted will be of equal value or higher. When substitution is unavoidably necessary, utmost care will be taken to maintain the overall effect of the illustrated arrangement, down to the closest detail.

When it comes to one-of-a-kind arrangements such as roses, the variety available takes precedence, so that we can still deliver a unique arrangement with only equal or higher quality flowers available for your enjoyment. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, the buyer shall be notified by phone or email, immediately. We may have to change the colour in this case, but we will make every effort to deliver the flowers of an appropriate quality first, and foremost.

For more information on our substitution policy, please contact us at 1-877-729-2680.

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